acaSTEMia  provide games & products using the academic grouping of Science Technology Engineering & Maths (STEM).to help people learn and share knowledge as they play. We introduce STEM into academia in a fun way!

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The games are increasingly being adopted by schools and families and the feedback from young students is encouraging. Teachers are often taken aback by the enthusiasm a game can have on a generation that is used to smart phones, video-on-demand and touch screen technology.

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sTEMulate your knowledge!

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Science enables us to develop our interest in, and understanding of, the living, material and physical world. Science helps us understand the philosophy of the world and to understand how the world was created.
Technology is what is produced through the application of scientific knowledge to human activity. Technology is what has helped us humans develop on earth, and introduced such things as electronics and online platforms.
Engineering is the method of applying scientific and mathematical knowledge to human activity
All of STEM is underpinned by Mathematics, which includes numeracy, and equips us with the skills and approaches we need to interpret and analyse information. Maths helps us understand different physics, and also to develop our mental skills and to improve your interest in mathematical activities.

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