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Its all about finding your children’s skillset and capability, we are all different!  We can help find their potential!

acaSTEMia  primarily designs games using the academic grouping of Science Technology Engineering & Maths (STEM)  as a basis for the questions. The aim is to move around a game answering STEM questions until winner reaches a ‘goal’.

At acaSTEMia, we make games to help people learn and share knowledge as they play. The game is increasingly being adopted by schools and the feedback from young students is encouraging. Teachers are often taken aback by the enthusiasm a board game can have on a generation that is used to smart phones, video-on-demand and touch screen technology.

They’re Social: games help people to interact, socialise and have fun. Fluctuating fortunes and competing for bragging rights keep people engaged and on their toes, looking for ways to win and outwit opponents. In our acaSTEMia games, players have to share their STEM knowledge. Suddenly learning STEM doesn’t sound so boring!

Breaks down barriers: Another aspect of board games is that they break down barriers and give people lots to talk about…often people will relax and start to tease and joke with

Child development: One of the great aspects of playing games is that we learn on multiple levels. This is especially beneficial to children who learn key skills such as the principles of cause and effect; social skills and how to behave; spatial awareness; critical thinking and the ability to focus for longer. The latter point is hugely important with attention spans are in decline as we get hit by so many messages in our everyday lives.

Mental Health benefits: Research conducted in France and reported in the British Medical Journal (thank you for sharing) on the impact of board games on mental health shows that regular playing of games helped reduce the incidence of dementia as well as reduce risks of depression. The report stated: “playing games could be a particularly relevant way to preserve cognition and to prevent cognitive decline or dementia.” Interestingly they also stated: “Other stimulating leisure activities like reading, travelling, gardening, doing odd jobs or playing sports do not offer the same advantages and ease of practice.” That’s pretty compelling! Go Games!

Motivating: When you can see the people you are competing against (not an avatar) – it becomes very motivating. You want to do well because honour is at stake. Whenever I play chess on-line I am never that bothered about losing to some faceless opponent. When I play opposite a real person, however, I am much more focused on winning. Games are brilliant at tapping into our competitive instincts.


You can check out our range of games in the SHOP, have fun! A humble game has a place in this century – and probably every century. Play that game, have fun and get a load of benefits thrown in.

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